The Bengal Cat is a Loyal Pet


Posted on: September 22, 2014

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A Bengal cat combines the exotic look and feel of the small wild cats they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. Like all cats, Bengals have individual personalities, but there are qualities that seem to be universally ascribed to our beautiful Bengal breed; they are very intelligent, playful, lively, incredibly curious and affectionate. Bengals have a lot of personality and are just plain fun! Their antics will make you laugh. The Bengal is confident, mischievous, likes to run, climb, loves heights and loves interacting with other pets and people. They are social cats that genuinely seem to want and need their people as much as their people treasure them. Bengals wouldn't be happy without companionship, both human and animal, but they are not needy or clingy. When we say that bengals are active and social we should make equal note that they will spend a pretty good part of the day sacked out in a favorite spot just napping! Given a spot on the bed they'll routinely sleep all night with their owners; although their owners may find themselves waking up to kisses and good morning head butting! Bengals love to be a part of everything. Whenever a box is delivered or I bring in the groceries I can count on the kitties to come and see what we have, climb in the sacks and check out the contents to satisfy their considerable curiosity. If I'm working on the computer and it is a quiet time my cats can be found napping nearby. If they are in a playful or affectionate mood they will be on the desk walking across the keyboard or watching the screen chasing the cursor and chatting with me. They are interested in whatever is going on and thrive in an environment that maintains a variety of toys and stimulation. Bengal intelligence makes play even more fun; many bengals enjoy a good game of fetch! Some Bengals seem to take to the game naturally. Just find their favorite toy and give it a toss. Keep up the game and you will be surprised how quickly they learn. It is fun to watch Bengals use their paws like hands and jump to catch their toy in mid air. It is a great joy of bengal owners that Bengals continue to play like kittens all through their lives. Some Bengals love water, and will splash in the sink, dip paws in the bath water, drop and “fish” toys in their drinking water or even sit in the shower with you. We even keep mini-waterfall fountains in the playroom for them to splash in where we don't really worry about wiping up after them. I just love the Bengal Cat and love sharing pics of our cats. Bengals tend to have an extensive vocabulary, depending on their personality. Some are chatty and chirrup, peep, mee-row and make the sweetest little noises. Because of this wide vocabulary you will find yourself conversing regularly with your Bengal. By; Kirsten Westlund

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