3 Tips To Help Your Cat Lose Weight Naturally


Posted on: October 19, 2014

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We are all pet owners who love our cats very much. I am sure you only want the best for your cat. Of course we also know our cats think they already know what is best for them. They also can be very loud and quite demanding when they want something from us. When it comes to their food, they want it now and they want as much as they can eat. Unfortunately that is when you find yourself with a overweight cat. I know how hard it can be to limit your cats food intake. You must also be very careful not to limit it too much. Cats must lose their weight very slowly for health reasons. Never put your cat on a crash diet. If your cat seems to be more docile and not playing as much that could be a sign a change of diet may be in order. For cats weight and too much of it, can be the cause of many diseases. Cats have a higher risk of getting diseases such as kidney stones, or crystals and a very high risk of diabetes. Also their quality of life changes. They cannot jump up to look out the window, which we all know as cat owners they love to be able to sit on a windowsill. The worst side effect of being overweight is their life expectancy becomes much shorter. Here are some tips to help you with your cat's weight problem. Tip #1. The first step in helping your cat lose weight is their diet. Is the current food they are eating high in fat and calories? Try slowly changing over their food to a healthy weight loss food. You can select from a variety of very good quality foods that are available. Tip #2. If your cat is eating people food that has to be cut out. Also if you are giving him/her snacks of any kind, that also should be stopped. Many times, it is better to feed your cat small meals during the day instead of one large meal twice a day. Most important with cats you must do any change gradually. Cats should never lose weight quickly. It is recommended that you allow no more then a couple of pounds a year. Tip #3. Finally, with a healthier diet your cat should want to be more active. We know our cats can be stubborn, but if possible try to get them to play a couple of times a day. My cat likes to run after rolled up napkins. Roll them in a ball and through it. They are soft so your cat can pick them up. Now do not expect your cat to bring the napkins back. Remember they are not dogs. Hopefully your cat will live a long and healthy life. They deserve whatever we can do to make that life a very happy one. As cat lovers we know they love us, even if sometimes they do not feel like showing it. Use natural home remedies whenever possible for your cats health.

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