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Posted on: October 1, 2014

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by Lalinda Sobre La Fuente One United states woman received a dog gift on Tuesday within Seoul, South Korea : times five. Her dearest late pit bull Booger became the first in a commercial sense cloned dog for the particular South Korean company RNL Bio. Based on RNL Bio, five Booger imitations were born on Come july 1st 28, all because associated with the work of the team of scientists going by Lee Byeong-chun. One particular clone came to be from one particular surrogate mother and 4 from another. When Bernann McKinney's pit bull Booger died in 2006 associated with cancer, she initially approached the U. S. firm Genetic Savings and Identical copy for the cloning associated with her dog. But this seemed to be with the end of that will year the fact that company had been forced to power down because of to lack of requirement after only cloning the handful of cats plus no dogs. It had been McKinney who then approached Lee to inquire regarding cloning her dog. Booger's live tissue samples, which usually were collected a 30 days before he died within 2006, were sent in order to Seoul in March 08. The cloning project started, after approval from the particular Seoul National University, within May 2008. According in order to RNL Bio, they effectively cloned Booger in just 70 days, including the particular two month gestation time period, a feat that offers made history in the particular area of dog cloning. Tests confirmed the pups as clones and extra confirmation is currently becoming conducted by Seoul Nationwide University's School of Medication. "It's a miracle! inch McKinney shouted repeatedly upon Tuesday, based on the particular AP, when she noticed the cloned puppies. RNL Bio is launching their own commercial dog cloning services world-wide with the achievement of Booger. President plus CEO of RNL Biography, Doctor Jeong-Chan Ra, DVM, Ph. D, said that will RNL Bio "guarantees the particular quick very safe cloning of your dog. in . "Anyone or any business... which is marketing canine cloning within the Oughout. S. is thanks regarding visiting order dog cloning from us, " this individual continued in their declaration. According to an AP report, future dog cloning at RNL Bio may cost upwards of $150, 000. McKinney only compensated $50, 000 though contemplating she was their 1st customer, said Ra within the report. McKinney programs to bring three associated with the cloned dogs house with her to Ca and donate the other people as service dogs. RNL Bio, currently the just company on the planet that provides commercial dog cloning, offers successfully cloned other dogs in the past, which usually included cancer and drug-sniffing dogs.

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