Exactly why Do Cats Rub Their own Faces On Things?


Posted on: October 4, 2014

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Maybe you have wondered why your kitty rubs up against wall space (especially the corners associated with walls) constantly? It's not really trying to rub the particular paint off of the particular walls, there's an real reason behind it! Felines have scent glands within the corners of their particular mouths and on their particular chins. If they rub towards walls, they deposit that will scent over the wall therefore other cats know that will it's their territory. The particular same applies to a person, the cat owner. Whenever petting your kitty, a person may notice it massaging the corners of the mouth on your fingers. It might also stroke its face against your own ankles as you stroll around the house (or, like my cat really does, when you're carrying some thing heavy and dangerous). Felines work largely on fragrances. This is the reason cats freak out there if you move all of them to a new home: they have got simply no idea whose it can be, so that they established about marking everything (either by rubbing or simply by actually urine marking different areas). Conveniently, cats' noses are at the exact same level they rub wall space, so it's simple meant for them and other felines to learn just whose wall-corner it really is. Felines also deposit their fragrances on other cats. When you have a multi-cat household, you may discover the cats rubbing towards each other. By blending their scents together, these are establishing that they understand one another so they will don't feel threatened simply by each other. If a person would be to bring in a new cat to the household, the reason exactly why they don't go together at first is since their scents aren't acquainted to each other! With out scenting, cats wouldn't have a clue whose property or home these were on, which usually would make things very a bit more challenging for them!

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