St Nicholas Of The Cats and kittens Near Limassol Cyprus.


Posted on: October 20, 2014

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Exactly what a great day out there discovering yet another certainly one of Cyprus's hidden gems. The particular Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the cats is certainly probably the oldest upon the island and suits into a great day time trip sightseeing some historical Cyprus attractions in the particular area just west associated with Limassol. Saint Nicholas associated with the cats was constructed sometime during the fourteenth Century by Saint Helena mother of the after that Emperor Constantine who constructed many other Monasteries all of over Cyprus following the girl visit to the Ay land. It derives they have name from the 100s of cats that reside in and around the particular Monastery grounds. The felines are considered direct descendants of the a big number of felines released by plenty commander known as Kalokeros in the instruction associated with Emperor Constantine sometime throughout the 14th Century. Close to that time the Tropical isle was suffering a serious drought. Apparently snakes plus vermin became such the big problem that the particular inhabitants fled the shawl area till the felines were introduced to maintain all of them down. According to the particular writings of a going to monk from the periods the cats would solution to a bell plus come running in through the fields to become fed. Their present day forefathers however seem to invest most of their day time sunning themselves in the particular private grounds of the particular Monastery. They look like nicely fed on food given by the steady movement of visitors who appear able to find the particular Monastery regardless of the total absence of information offered to visitor concerning its fascinating background. From what I can gather the elderly nuns that live in the particular building seem happy sufficient to open the chapel to visitors on ask for but visitors are not really allowed into the internal courtyard. It is a bit associated with a shame because gowns where most of the particular cats were hanging away on the day all of us visited. According to custom Saint Helena left items of wood through the authentic cross of Jesus within many of the Monasteries she built on the particular island. Nevertheless the location lay derelict from because far back as the particular 16th Century until 1980 when it was thoroughly renovated and it is usually now run as the convent with the four nuns. As a tourist appeal Saint Nicholas from the particular cats must be a single of the most below exploited locations in The southern part of Cyprus. Most people possess heard about the “cats of Cyprus” and right now there is an abundance associated with merchandising sold around Cyprus cats. However there is usually no cafe nor any kind of Cyprus cat souvenirs in order to be seen anywhere. Probably its something to perform with church policy all of though I would quite definitely doubt it considering the particular proliferation of tat that will is provided to visitors from some of the additional religious attractions in Cyprus, When it comes in order to toilets. Well, just can not ask because even simply by Cypriot standards they depart rather a lot in order to be desired. (I'll keep it at that! ) Having said everything that this is still a excellent spot to visit (unless you are eager to get a pee) and the particular cats are really attractive. I have seen a few recent video on Utube showing visitors feeding all of them in the front courtyard so I guess the right down to whenever you visit. We do the trip in The month of january so maybe the cats don't expect too several visitors at the period of year and stay closer to the siblings who dole out the particular food. To get the particular Monastery just head to get Kolosi Castle which is definitely from the main Limassol to Paphos highway. As soon as there keep along that will road until you are usually simply outside the RAF Akrotiri military base from the top of Akrotiri village and the Monastery is signposted off in order to the left.

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