River Van Cat: The Valuable Treasures Of Turkey


Posted on: September 29, 2014

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Within Turkey, the Turkish wealthy treasure is Lake Vehicle cat, this cat will be believed to be the particular ancestors of Moss plus unlike other cats scared of water, the practices of this cat is usually swimming in the river. Using the changes in the particular city of, the genuine cat is gradually disappeared, so a cat which priced up to dollar 500 lakes is therefore normal, however the European law is not permit to bring the kitty System. Drawing. Bitmap Chicken. Iran was called because "Persian", many people picture Iran should be the particular Persian cat homeland. Within fact, the Iranians offers few cats, they believe that own a kitty is unfortunately. Iran frequently say that the entire body stained with cat tresses, dog hair is not really to pray to Allah, so they are not really thinking about a dog. The Persian cat home town is Turkey - Vehicle. There has a valuable national treasure – River Van cat. The long-haired Persian cat is the particular mixture of Afghanistan plus Ankara cat hybrid. Plus the Ankara cat is usually a kind of River Van, the Turks think that this is in fact the Persian Cat homeland. Locals believe that, mainly because the grandmother Lake Vehicle cat has the 100 % pure blood, so now the particular cost of Persian kitty is so expensive. The particular Van Lake Cat is certainly different from the Local cat. The Persian kitty hair is longer compared to Lake Van cat. River Van is very rspectable. It has an excellent residing habits. They cannot consume some garbage, do not really eat rotten food still left over material, after consuming, they will wash their particular mouth and face along with a paw, and they will are very particular along with their living environment. They will cannot adapt to anyplace. In most cases, cats and kittens do not like the particular water, and cannot end up being floating on the drinking water for a long period. But the Lake Vehicle cat is the exemption. They like drinking drinking water and swimming. This actions may be decided simply by the living environment, considering that the place they reside has its own streams and lakes. In purchase to protect "the European national treasure", the city of Van combined the particular provincial government and nearby universities to carry out there a wide range associated with work with all associated with Lake Van cat, they will provide cat registration, build a file, and artificial insemination, breeding, and to avoid the cross.

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